Insurance Professionals

You can access

  • the Arizona license and license number;
  • the name, address and phone number;
  • the status of a license (active, suspended, revoked, etc.);
  • the types of insurance a licensee can sell;
  • the date the license was granted;
  • other information.

Search by a Licensed Individual's Name

Enter the individual's last name (or the first few characters of the last name). If the last name is common, after the last name, enter a comma and space and then the first name. Click the Search button to request the search.

Doe, James

Search by a Licensed Business Entity's Name

Enter the name of the business (or the first few characters of the name) and click the Search button.

A B C Company
John Doe Insurance Agency (The)
D'Artagnan Insurance Agency
Oil & Water Associates

Search by License Number

Enter the licensee's Arizona Insurance License Number and click the Search button.


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