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Real Estate Licensing Login

Welcome to the Arizona Department of Real Estate's (ADRE or Department) on-line licensing system where you can:

As a Licensee...
  • Renew your individual license
  • Change your personal information
  • Request to be hired to a new broker
  • Sever from your current broker
  • Enter continuing education
  • Submit legal presence requirements
  • Print your license
As a Designated Broker...
  • Renew your entity license
  • Sever and transfer your employees
  • Approve hire and renewal requests
  • Print employee and entity licenses
  • View employee legal presence and continuing education status
  • Change entity information

To log in, you will need to know your license number that is available from the Department's Public Database.

Important: You can only enter login credentials on one side or the other. Do not enter your social security number suffix or date of birth if you are logging in with a password.

Can't remember your password? Login on the right side and you will be provided password reset options. 

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