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Do not use a Yahoo, Juno, or Netscape Email Address. Because of server security requirements you may not receive your license card at those addresses. Beginning June 24, 2014 if you do not receive your license card and have not updated your email address to another email client you may have to purchase a duplicate card for a fee of $25.00.

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License Status Inquiry

This page allows you to search for the status of a license issued through the Board of Respiratory Care Examiners. The Arizona State Board of Respiratory Care Examiners Online Verification system is a free service provided to licensees, employers and the public. The information is kept current and, once your search is complete, you can print out the results for your records. Online verification is the primary means to verify licenses. However, it should not be the sole source of verification and the original license, driver's license or social security card should be requested to determine validity. Do not accept a photo copy of the license card as a reliable verification that the person is licensed.

You can search by entering the first name or last name of the person or by their license number. You can use the wildcard of "*" to search for "any number of characters": i.e., "SMI*" will find "SMITH" and "SMITHSON".

Only the first 100 results will be displayed.

A person may obtain additional public records related to any licensee or certificate holder, including nondisciplinary actions and orders, by contacting the Board directly.
If you have questions or are having difficulties, please contact the Board at [email protected].

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