Arizona State Board of Respiratory Care Examiners

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Do not use a Yahoo, Juno, or Netscape Email Address. Because of server security requirements you may not receive your license card at those addresses. Beginning June 24, 2014 if you do not receive your license card and have not updated your email address to another email client you may have to purchase a duplicate card for a fee of $25.00.

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Application for Licensure as a Respiratory Care Practitioner

Welcome to the Arizona State Board of Respiratory Care Examiners online license application. All applications must be reviewed by the Board's Executive Director, who determines, after reviewing the license application package, that the applicant is eligible to receive a license.

  • Only the following credit cards will be accepted:    Visa   Visa
  • All sales are final. The Board of Respiratory Care Examiners does not offer refunds.
  • You are required to notify the Board in writing within ten days after change in address of record pursuant to Board Rule R4-45-104
  • A license expires on the licensee's birthday every two years. Twenty (20) continuing education hours must be completed along with payment of the renewal fee for renewal of license.

To be considered by the Board for a license, the following must be completed:

  1. Complete online application,
  2. Provide proof of passing a Board approved Respiratory training program.
  3. Completed fingerprint card (Please Note: A fingerprint card will be mailed to you once you have completed this online application. Please carefully read the instruction sheet that will be included with the fingerprint card. You must have a set of fingerprints professionally rolled.)
  4. All required written statements and court documentation related to all declarations regarding background and qualifications to be considered for a license, including any criminal history.
  5. All required written statements and documentation related to all disciplinary action taken against you as a Respiratory Therapist in any state.
  6. Pay all fees required by the Board.
  7. Results of the background check must be received and reviewed. (It takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks or longer for the Board to review a background check)
  8. A copy of your passing RRT examination certificate or score sheet.
  9. If you have ever been licensed in another State, all verifications from those States must be received.


*Please be aware this service requires a payment in the form of a Visa or MasterCard. All fees submitted to the Board are non-refundable pursuant to A.A.C. R4-45-102(B).

“An agency shall not base a licensing decision in whole or in part on a licensing requirement or condition that is not specifically authorized by statute, rule or state tribal gaming compact. A general grant of authority in statute does not constitute a basis for imposing a licensing requirement or condition unless a rule is made pursuant to that general grant of authority that specifically authorizes the requirement or condition. This section may be enforced in a private civil action and relief may be awarded against the state. The court shall award reasonable attorney fees, damages and all fees associated with the license application to a party that prevails in an action against the state for a violation of this section. A state employee may not intentionally or knowingly violate this section. A violation of this section is cause for disciplinary action or dismissal pursuant to the agency’s adopted personnel policy. This section does not abrogate the immunity provided by Section 18-820.01 or 12-820.02.”